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      Significant Recent Decisions

First Capital Engineering v. Cape Horn Builders, Inc.; York County Court of Common Pleas; 2004-SU-02312-Y01; action to recover payment for professional engineering services. Jury verdict of $65,000.00 for services, carrying charges, and counsel fees, representing a 100% recovery. Reduced by $16,000.00 on mitigation issues. Verdict rendered on February 9, 2007. $415,000.00 counterclaim dismissed.

Klinge Corporation v. RTI Technologies, Inc.; American Arbitration # 14 115 E01202 07; action to recover cost of upkeep of HVAC system not performed by the tenant. $44,734.52 was sought and awarded on May 12, 2008.

Practice Areas

Stockbroker/Investor Complaints

This firm represents injured investors who have suffered losses as a result of indifferent or corrupt stockbrokers, churning of accounts, negligence, fraud, and unsuitability. If your account opening documents so require, these claims are required to be arbitrated before SRO's (Self Regulated Organizations) such as FINRA. Claims not subject to arbitration may be filed in either state or federal court.

Labor/Employment Law

The Law Office of Joseph C. Korsak has been actively involved in this practice area for thirty three years. Attorney Korsak is one of a handful of Pennsylvania practitioners with an LL.M. degree in Labor Law (Temple University, 1983) . Practice areas include : Employment Litigation (breach of employment contracts, breach of restrictive covenants); Discrimination; Unemployment Compensation; Unfair Labor Practices; Collective Bargaining; Grievance and Interest Arbitration; Wage Payment and Collection Actions; Title VII.

General Practice

Our staff provides general practice services to our clientele. We are experienced in: Real estate Transactions; Estate Administration; Commercial Transactions; Bankruptcy Law; Business Formation; Transactional Law; Administrative Law.

Attorney Joseph C. Korsak

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